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Dye Sublimation and Thermal Transfer Technology

Our fabric display units are printed on some of the highest quality fabrics in the industry. Using some of the latest large-format printers on the market, including the new Bellise Picture Press and Hewlett-Packard HP5000 Design Jet, we are able to achieve near-photographic quality prints with unparalleled richness and trueness of colour on all our fabric units* with our six-colour dye-sub inks and customized colour matching profiles.

The printing process involved is called "dye sublimation". During the sublimation process, specialized inks are turned directly from a solid into a gaseous state and transferred with heat and pressure onto the polyester fabrics. The ink cools and becomes a solid again once it's pressed into the fabric. The colour image actually becomes part of the material itself, resulting in a smooth surface; the output is more photo-realistic, more durable, and more resistant to fading.

Some advantages of dye-sublimation printers are increased resolution and shelf life for the printouts. The most impressive part about this printing method, besides the high quality output, is the range of sizes we are able to achieve. While theoretically the sizes are virtually limitless, we are able to print on fabrics up to 117" wide and xxx" long without a single seam!

* Photographs/graphics supplied by clients must be at least 100 dpi at full size to attain photographic quality

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