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Saving the world. Saving Money.

At CDG Displays we don’t believe that we inherited the Earth from our parents. We believe that we are borrowing it from our children.

Environmental stewardship plays a role in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We recycle almost everything - transfer paper, fabric, plastic, aluminum and wooden pallets.

Further to that we are taking steps to remove the need for transfer paper by utilizing new technology and printers to adopt a new paper-less printing process. Not only does it save natural resources, it speeds up production time and lowers costs, which are passed onto you the customer.

We are also committed to using environmentally friendly processes. Our custom fabrics are 100% man-made recycled polyester and we also use environmentally friendly supplies such as water-based inks.

Now we are introducing many products using Bamboo as the main manufacturing material, from Point-of-Sale displays to frames to even portable flooring solutions. Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest-growing renewable resources, and when laminated together - one of the strongest. Its lightweight properties allow it to be wonderfully portable and easy to setup.

We reproduce exceptional colour with a particular focus on green.

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