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Sometimes you have a project that provides you with a unique challenge. Perhaps its insurmountably large, maybe it has a complicated structure, or maybe it all needs to break down and fit into a certain shipping case or weigh a specific amount.

Regardless of your challenges, we guarantee that we will be able to deliver your project to you while meeting all the necessary criteria.

At CDG Display Solutions we specialize in thinking outside the box and finding ways to provide our clients with one-of-a-kind displays that stun tradeshows and drive traffic to their booths.

We do all this while maintaining our biggest ideaology - your booth or display must be portable, as lightweight as possible, as easy to setup as possible and fantastically attractive.

Take a look at some of the examples above and please feel free to bring us your most creative ideas with a wishlist of options and we will take care of the details of making something for you that nobody else in the world has.

We guarantee it.

Quick Features

  • PolyFlex fabric is virtually wrinkle-proof.
  • High-resolution printing.
  • Custom powdercoating colours if requested.
  • Incredible finishing to exact standards.
  • Tool-free assembly where possible.
  • Product breaks down easily.
  • Weighs as little as possible.
  • Bags / cases Included.


  • Any Size Available


  • None listed as of yet.
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